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Rainwater Storage

Rainwater Harvesting

Fitting a Stair Runners

Fitting a Stair Runner

Welsh music typesetting

Welsh music typesetting

A cycle lane with a Cyclists Dismount sign every 10 yards

Cycle Prisons


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Q: [2nd Apr 2008] My carpet fitter says I cannot have a border or pattern on my new turning staircase. Each riser is a different size and the pattern cannot follow through? What do you think?

Nice Stairs A: I'd say he's absolutely right. Even if the risers are the same size, the border or pattern will shoot up each riser at quite an angle to the vertical, which will look quite bad. Worse still, the width of each piece of carpet where they meet will be different, so borders and patterns will not match up at all (except at the outside edge). This is one reason why I chose a plain carpet. However, from the picture, it's clear that someone knows how to make a bordered carpet turn a corner, but it may well be significant that the stairs only turn through a small angle with each step, not 30 degrees.

Q: [24th Sep 2009] Where should a runner finish on top? the last step is to the right of the hall leading to the bedroom I like a striped runner sisal would I need a lot more than the average for 13 stairs?

The Top of Our Stairs A: In our case we wrapped the carpet of our landing over the nose of the top step, as in the photo, which I think looks fine. It works equally well without a landing carpet as well.

As for the amount of carpet to buy you certainly don't need more than the average. True there is a bit of overlap when turning corners, but the total length used will be that measured around the outside edge of the turn, so certainly not excessive. I hope this helps.